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Guilty Pleasures

What song are you just a *little* embarrassed to admit that you love (or like)?

Everyone has *that* song. You know, the song that you love but you aren't really sure why. It's that song that if your Goth/Hiptser/Grunge/Deadhead/Hip-Hop/Country Western friends ever saw you singing along to it, they would revoke your membership card.

I'm asking two things:
(a) Leave a comment with the name (and artist, if applicable) of your favorite musical guilty pleasure.
(b) Spread this around to friends, neighbors and strangers on LJ because I'm curious about what other people's musical guilty pleasures are. (Why yes, I am that nosy.)

Feel free to say what you want, all comments are screened. If it's okay to unscreen your comment, just let me know and I'll share the love.

I was infected with this meme by cinemababe
Tags: guilty pleasures, meme, music
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