Noba D. (maxdwolf) wrote,
Noba D.

So, my birthday sucks.

Not the worst I've ever had, but my birthdays haven't really been fun since I became an adult. Some have maintained the illusion through strippers and other indulgences. But even those have been brought low by the solitude I was experiencing at the time.

Things went south on Thursday when I lost my wallet. Got back from my morning run and moved over to Harris Teeter to get my morning paper and found my wallet missing. Went frantic looking for it. Had an uncomfortable moment at the church where I had spent the night telling a tale of having tripped when cutting through the parking lot and thinking I lost my wallet. Nothing found. Guy at work was kind enough to lend me $20 for gas, but I was all full of negative thoughts of the hassle of dealing w. the dmv and the bank. Canceled my card right away to be safe.

Nothing else to be done for the moment, I went ahead and joined my meetup group at Sportrock for some climbing. While I didn't feel exhausted anymore, I did horribly. Got shut down on 5.7s even. Wonder if I was affected by stressing over the wallet.

Canceling my card was, of course, a mistake. Friday morning I'm about to go to the DMV for the new license and stressing over the fact that they'll probably insist on mailing it and wondering what I could do for id at the bank. Well, I get to thinking about the previous morning and something didn't strike me as right about the trash I dropped off that morning. So I swallow my pride and go digging in the trash receptacle I used and find the bag I used, filled w. sushi containers, newspapers, and my wallet. I have seldom been so relieved at proving myself an idiot. The bank card was still canceled, but at least I could write a check for cash. Made me late and got me bawled out by a supervisor, but I could pay the coworker back right away.

The snow storm started here between 10 and 11, 2 hours earlier than expected. Roads got bad real quick. I got some goods from the store (sushi, candy bars, and milk) and gassed up. Rather than my usual spot I checked out the covered garage at the nearest indoor mall. Turned out to be a good choice. Out from the snow and wind and slightly warmer. I even had a chance to spend a little time organizing the car (still a lot more to do).

The next day was a bit rough getting into work, but I did alright. There was one point going up King St (rte 7) where the suv in front of me was having trouble so I was a bit worried. But I did fine, I think the driver (member of the fire dept.) was using too much power and relying to much on his having 4wd.

Work was hell. No drivers. On hearing we were going to get 15 to 20 we should have canceled. I spent 3 hours telling customers we couldn't guarantee delivery yet, let alone a specific time. Owner finally shut it down and I got to go out and dig myself out. Got stuck initially leaving the driveway, but a little kitty litter and some rocking got me out. I should say I was feeling miserable because of the snow, but I wasn't. Even w. the frozen fingers and all the adversity I face because of it, I love the snow. Shivering while clearing my car and worrying about what was going to happen, I was still fascinated by the big fluffy bergs breaking off my windshield and the patterns of the drifts. Drive "home" was hellish but manageable. Simple matter of planning and maintaining momentum for the trouble. Still took me 2 hours to cover what is normally 20 minutes. Harris Teeter was closed by the time I got there (4pm), but the owner let me use the bathroom, God bless him.

I chose to bed down where I was rather than try for the parking garage. After doing xwords and sudoku I used the privacy of the snow accumulated on the windshield to change into my longjohns and magical tent booties. It was supposed to have dropped to 18-22 last night but I did fine. Got myself about 11.8 hours of sleep (not accounting for the fact that I kept waking up).

I had a little difficulty this morning however. The plow had shoved snow in all around me (and I had already been spinning tires). I had to crawl out the window (must have been a sight to see) and work at freeing the car. Fortunately the snowplow driver saw my plight and was nice enough to clear the hardened snow directly in front of my car. From there it was just a matter of perseverance to get my car out and go to Yoga at Lululemon. Felt weak there too.

Since then have been goofing on the net at Cosi's. Work was canceled for the day. Lets me energize myself for the 48 hours scheduled for next week. I'll be leaving at work at 11ish on Sunday before having to catch a 7 am flight at BWI the next day. Bleh.

So now to maintain the illusion of fun. Going to try to catch Avatar at the Hoffman and then maybe some strippers at Crystal City Restaurant despite my scruffiness. Tomorrow, my first shower in three days. Laters
Tags: birthdays, blizzard, driving, snow, storm, work
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