Noba D. (maxdwolf) wrote,
Noba D.

So evidently thinking of sex makes me run faster

At least that's the conclusion I choose to come to when my time on my morning run yesterday popped down another thirty second from the previous run 6 days before. Yes, I know correlation doesn't equal causation. Quit pissing on my parade.

That great time came despite the fact that I tripped just as I was reaching for the stop button on my watch chronograph. Lost a few seconds as I lay on the ground reaching for it again. The rest of the day was downhill. I had a testing assigned to me that night at 6 pm and for 30 people. Thank goodness only 18 people showed. It was still a close thing. I got the last I9 finished just 90 seconds before the test was over. And that's just filling out essential info and filling in the rest later. Spent hours afterwards going over the I9s and scoring the tests. Knowing I wouldn't be able to handle any larger groups, I resolved to resign. My other weaknesses could perhaps be overcome, but once again my slowness gets in the way.

That's right, I'm slow. In PE in elementary I ran the 50 in almost twice the time of the next slowest kid. Essay questions have always tied my stomach up in knots. In 6th grade they held an "awards" ceremony and I got the slowness award. I think the typewriter is one of the greatest inventions ever, yet I am only now approaching 60 wpm. For the same amount of effort most people would be at 80-100. Don't even get me started on my progress w. juggling. Yet oddly enough my apraxia has never been diagnosed. I've always just been "slow", "clumsy", and "nonathletic". Should I ever have health insurance again I think I'd like to look into being seen by a neurologist. There's nothing they can do to "fix" me, but I'd like to at least have a diagnosis so I can throw an occasional pity party. Yes, of course you're all invited.

I was right to resign, but I'm a bit nervous about the finances right now. I could really have used the extra money. When I got the first paycheck last week I was inwardly ecstatic. I should have been more cautious. When I checked my balance this morning I got a huge shock. Hurried to the bank manager and got a printout of withdrawals. It was all legit. Mostly niggling small purchases. I must absolutely put together a budget in the next couple days. Got another pay check last night an another loan from dad, so I'm ok at the time. But I've got two major debts I want to take care of soon as well as the usual expenses.

Despite my concerns, I did get a couple belated birthday presents for my niece. Gotta have one's priorities straight. I got her the latest Artemis Fowl book and the first of the Anita Blake books. I thought for a moment of getting her a copy of Whip It. I might still get it for her for Xmas. One relative down, dozens to go. Most will have to settle for cards.

Ok, I won my game on KGS, things are closing soon and my battery is almost dead. I'll check in again in the morning. Ciao.
Tags: apraxia, census, exercise, gifts, job, munchkin, neurology, relatives, running
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