Noba D. (maxdwolf) wrote,
Noba D.

Another day, another bout of futility.

I am writing this at 11:14 am at Caribou Coffee. I'm not sure when I'm going to have a chance to upload it as for some reason my system can't open the CC wifi. Plenty of signal strength and the woman at the table next to mine is having no problems. But for some reason I can't connect. Windows is telling me it's not getting a response and directing me to its boilerplate re poor signal strength. Now of course I have to devote some of my cognition to fighting off that whining inner brat and his “Why does this sort of thing only happen to meee!”

It doesn't of course, but I answer;”because you're a loser who's made such a mess of your life that you need to bum wifi at the local coffee shop.” Then I beat him and shove him under the stairs. Probably for the best that I will never have children.

Had our first snowfall on Saturday. I would have liked to go out and play in it, but I had to work. Bad weather like this always is a mixed blessing for a business like Take Out Taxi. Lots of people don't want to go out in it and call us. But thanks to the extra business and the awful traffic, our delivery times suffer. As a result our customer satisfaction per order plummets. It might not be so bad if we let every customer know in advance about the delay. I certainly try to. But I don't think the other QAs bother at all. And the one I know doesn't got assigned all the incoming orders from other web portals. Those are the ones where the system won't tell them automatically. Thus, we start getting lots and lots of calls complaining the order is late. The other thing with this present system is that the delay tends to roll everything back. Like how traffic is often backed up on a section of road even after the problem causing it is gone. So the streets clear up and we're stuck trying to explain to some priveledged asshole customer why the weather has delayed their order.

In addition to our first snowfall here we also had our first sub-freezing temperatures the last two nights. Saturday night was a bear. There was activity in my usual secluded spots so I didn't even have an opportunity to change into my nightclothes. I wimped out and started the car at least once during the night. My feet hurt so bad I was worried about frostbite (false alarm of course). One doesn't usually realize how poorly insulated a car is until you have to sleep in it in cold weather.

Sunday after yoga I dropped by Easter Mountain Sports. Turns out it was customer appreciation day. Owners wife made some baked goods (fruit bread was to die for) and they supplied coffee. More importantly, they had a sale of 25% off everything in the store. Got myself a pair of shorts (for the climbing gym) and tent booties. They so rock. Sat. was 28 f, Sunday was 26 or less in my area. But w. long johns and the booties and my new jacket ($25 at Walmart) I got by. Was still painfully chilled by morning, but didn't need any car starting cheats and my feet were fine.

Terribly sore right now. Took some time off for a complimentary kickboxing intro from LA Boxing at Lululemon Saturday morning. My abs and hip flexors are still majorly sore. Sign that there are some key exercises I need to work into my own routine.

Got another horrible distraction on Sunday yoga. I don't ogle, but even w. my glasses off it's impossible not to notice the shapeliness of one's neighbor in certain poses. That she smiled at me earlier didn't help w. stifling the fantasy life that fermented from that.

Decided to go to my science book club last night after a long hiatus. They were discussing The Panda's Thumb and I'm a big Gould fan. So of course I have a moment and manage to forget I needed to take the Dulles Toll Road rather than 66. Get that straightened out and then take a wrong turn onto Elden. In the end I'm 44 minutes late. Bleh. So I'm there for the last 40 minutes of conversation. Very bad impression to make.
I was intending to go to evening yoga at Lululemon afterwards, but it was too late after that and so I hung around made use of the wifi at Cosi. That worked fine.

So I'm supposed to be out recruiting right now, but I've still got to shower and I really should hunt down a Staples/Office Depot and some internet real quick first. Then I work at Take Out Taxi until close (past 11). I'm not getting a full night's sleep until Xmas.

Tomorrow at 6 pm I administer the test to 30ish people. In addition to having to do loads of prep on my own time, I'm concerned that I won't be able to finish the I9s and checking the applications in the 30 minutes alloted. We'll see. At least I'll have my primary job to fall back on. I'm wondering if at some point it might be worth seeing a neurologist to get my coordination problem properly diagnosed. Not that there's anything that can be done about it, but at least I'll be able to use the ADA if necessary.

Ok, off to dig my hole a little deeper. Hope all you are ok. Maybe sometime I'll have the time to check.
Tags: abs, cold, exercise, work
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