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What would Freud say?

Actually, I can imagine and don't want to hear it.

One of the difficulties of not having my own place is the lack of privacy. There are a dozen different little activities where I'd just like to have a little space to myself. My workouts have recently accentuated this fact. You see, one of the benefits of exercise is it helps maintain the sex drive. Well, that's all very good and well if you have a partner or at least a few quiet moments alone w. the computer to "take matters in hand". However, if you happen not to have that privacy and don't want to risk scaring the horses, it can lead to some discomfort.

Last night I went to take advantage of Lululemon's complimentary yoga class (instructor didn't show). One lovely young woman who works there actually remembered my face and gave me a special smile and greeting. Now, of course I know she was just being friendly w. a regular, but a couple members of my inner rat pack never get it. I behave myself while I am there, but already the silly fantasies are forming. By the time I get to the store last night for dinner, I had to wait in the car for a moment to compose myself. I think my eating a whole package of Chips Ahoy cookies may have been an attempt to sublimate my desires (now's the chance to crack wise about how I must do a whole lotta sublimatin'). For the rest of the night most of my conscious thoughts were filled w. unrealistic fantasies of her and I (and often other persons). This is pressure I don't need.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I did. Heard from a friend from my BNDC days at the last minute (day before) and got an invite. In addition to dinner and the usual chat my living situation came up and it came out that she and her roommate were looking for a third to fill a room. I mentioned I could only afford about $400 a month and she was open to that. I got an application to fill and will be filling it out and turning it in in about a week (want to clear out some debts first).

The odd thing is that some little part of me doesn't want to do it. One of my inner brats is looking at this situation as affirmation or a some kind of rite of passage or something equally ridiculous. Filling my ear w. stories about how I'm going to get organized and show people the right way to live out of one's car. So a quick beating and under the stairs he goes.

The rest of the day was the usual Thanksgiving. Heaps of food, football, sleeping on the couch. Actually got a decent amount of sleep that night. It was a welcome relief even if the lack of work wasn't.

Administered another test on Saturday. 11 people tested. I did much better this time. Much better organized. I am concerned, however, about my slow handwriting. As the applicants take the test I am supposed to be filling out their I9s. Well, with my slow writing that's a bit problematic. How slow could my handwriting be? I would estimate about 1/3 to 1/4 that of the norm. Essay questions are my worst nightmare. Most of the stuff doesn't need to be done right there. So when we get to the stage that we are mailing the results in, I should be able to do some of the work afterwards. I can also prep some of the forms ahead of time. But this leads to another problem. My free time (including sleep) is already at a premium. I don't have much to spare. Plus, I object in principle in giving free labor to the Census Bureau (even if it's to compensate for my own weaknesses).

I started McAfee at about 4pm and here it is 6:45 and it's only 62% complete. I've only got another 75 minutes here at the library. Full scan or not, this seems to be excessive. Oh well. When I get the dc-ac auto converter I can take all the time I need. Should probably also run a defrag.

Off to play some go before I have to go. Ciao y'all.
Tags: census, diet, masturbation, privacy, sublimation
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