Noba D. (maxdwolf) wrote,
Noba D.

I'm a baaad boy

I should be out at the shopping centers handing out brochures recruiting for the 2010 Census and earning myself some money. Instead I'm here at the library doing this and watching some youtube vids. Just tired and demoralized.

I started work w. the U.S. Census as a recruiter last week. From the first phone call I was up front about my other job, yet I have been constantly getting heat for the conflict w. my permanent job. I have repeated time and time again that I have to get notice on working weekends and they just don't listen. If they did they would either be more accommodating or they would have fired me. Instead they keep repeating that I need to make up lost hours and make my 40 hours (but not a minute over). It's not going to happen, so this may come to an end soon.

Also, I dropped the ball this Monday. Big time. As a recruiter it's also my duty to administer the hiring test. I have to come in early w. all the materials ready and prepare the test site. I also need to have all the proper materials. I left key items in the car and wasn't entirely prepared. Supervisor ripped me a new one and I had it coming to me. I could whine about my lack of sleep, and the difficulty of getting organized when your car is packed w. your worldly possessions, but that's no excuse. I accepted the assignment and it's my job to be prepared to do it.

Tomorrow we go in for an all-hands meeting. Afterwards I'm administering the test at the Kingstown Branch library. Whether I have a job afterwards is in question. On the bright side of losing it, I would at least be able to get a bit more sleep and have more room in the car.

I've been on food stamps (via an EBT card) for some time now. I haven't been properly utilizing it. The problem is one can only use it for take home food. It gets a bit tricky when one doesn't have a home to bring it too. In the interest of saving money from take out I've let up on my 300 kilocalories per dollar rule for the time being. It's been tasty but monotonous. Did you know you can get sushi w. foodstamps. Just the stuff they have packaged, but still...

On the bright side, Takeout Taxi has been rather accommodating and they seem to like my work so I should have plenty of hours with them should the Census Bureau drop me.

I should probably have dropped it to get more sleep, but I have been stubbornly keeping up w. the exercise. The schedule hasn't been so good for going in to Sportrock, but the rec center has a decent gym and since I'm going in to shower and change anyway I might as well.

One of the odd things about living in my car is that it doesn't feel that odd. It's a major pain and embarrassment and I can't wait to dig myself out of this whole, but it doesn't feel like the end of the world or that terribly strange. Says something about the adaptability of the human mind I suppose.

Ok, a little more goofing off and then I need to do some research for tomorrow and then try to make enough room to give a guy a ride to the shelter.
Tags: census, exercise, homelessness
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