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I saw the happiest bird in the world today

A sparrow. He had found a little puddle in the parking lot and was so taken with his bath that he didn't even move as I drove by. I can relate. These are the months I would like to spend immersed in a cool pond from which I would emerge only on cool nights and rainy periods. At least it's a little breezy now. But way too humid. The cookies I baked are chewier than they should be.

They were a bit of a hassle to begin with. Tried the Cook's Illustrated suggestion of browning the butter first. Added a sort of caramel flavor to the batter that didn't seem to transfer much to the cookies. What it did do is make the whole think more slippery. Had chips popping out all over. Add in the fact that I added coconut flakes and it was horribly awkward. Still yummy, but not really more so than usual.

Got my computer responding somewhat now and even got on for a little bit. But it crashes in less than thirty minutes and I still haven't been able to get my photos off so I can reload xp (won't recognized the usb drive).

Had seen a lot of ads for drivers saying will train. Seemed a bit suspicious to me that there was such an abundance but I called up and set up an interview anyway. There was something to my suspicions. It's for truck driving school. Under other circumstances I might be tempted, but they want about $500 up front in addition to the 5k financing and it would be for long distance trucking. Couldn't keep the cats and managing other interests or moonlighting would be out the window as would night classes. Most importantly, since classes don't start until August it wouldn't help me now or then with rent. So a little more hope crushed underfoot. Hmmm, smells minty.

Got a new tube at the local bike shop. Seems a very cool place. Got some used tires for $5 and a free bike map. Look forward to being a little more mobile free from the car soon.

And again the time dwindles. Ta for now.
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