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I'm concerned about my haemoglobin

When I went to give blood today I tested at 12.7. This was just on the line according to the technician. Online they list that as anemic for a male. I usually test at 15 or higher. A brief online search didn't reveal any information what may cause the level to temporarily fluctuate other than poor iron intake. While my milk intake was slightly lower than normal this weekend and I didn't eat any meat, that still doesn't seem like enough by itself to account for things. Hopefully it was overexerting myself with the hiking and running this weekend that did it.

Saturday is my rest day. But the rest of the world doesn't seem to acknowledge that or be willing to accomodate me. So a hike got posted for White Rocks that day and I signed up. A healthy hike, but not too bad. For some reason I couldn't hold myself back and found myself rushing ahead of the group and pushing myself to make the best time possible, even jogging when it was flat enough. This was bad enough, but then I took a wrong turn at one of the crossroads and was 18 minutes down a fire road before I got it through my thick head I needed to back track. I spent a fair part of the hike back to the cars in a run. Surprisingly didn't feel too bad after this and even the 5.6 mile hike to the library that day wasn't too bad, though I felt pretty drained. But by the time I did that hike again on Sunday I was starting to flag. It finally was showing on that night's run where I made terrible time.

Interestingly, I did pilates and some climbing last night and didn't feel too drained and performed adequately. Even improved my time in doing laps on one of the easy routes. Felt drained this morning though.

Time's nearly up. More tomorrow after my job interview.
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